“We have used Ben and Playoff Performance for 3-4 years to help develop our son’s baseball skill level and agility.  Our son has always responded very well to the instruction and made significant gains especially in his hitting and agility.  We have worked on all aspects of the game over the last few years and the gains have always been amazing.  Ben’s dedication to growing our young sons skill level has been fantastic and I would definitely recommend him.  I would recommend any age child to work with Playoff performance and certainly before a tryout to get tuned up.”

“I have two boys, both of whom have been to many different hitting and pitching coaches over the years.  We were lucky to find Ben a few years ago when my oldest son’s AllStar team received instruction from Ben.  We were pleased with the way he interacted with the boys and was able to connect with each of them; as well as coaching them to become better players.  The following season, my sons began seeing Ben weekly.  Ben worked them on hitting, catching, and pitching.  Both of my boys looked forward to their hour with Ben and always left a better player.  Ben is a gifted instructor.  In addition, his coaching skills and knowledge of baseball  kept my boys interested and made them better baseball players.”

“I have been taking my son to Playoff Performance for hitting and pitching lessons for three months now.  The one on one attention that Ben gives my son is great!  Ben is very knowledge on the mechanics of both hitting and pitching.  He has vastly improved my son’s pitching delivery to the plate and increasing my son’s throwing power and speed on his pitches by driving to plate with his legs.  He has also corrected my son’s swing and mind set when he goes up to the plate.  He is no longer going up to the plate to just try to hit the ball and make contact.  He is mindset is to stay back and drive the ball and hit is hard each time.  I’ve seen tremendous improvement in this area of my son.”

“Within the Arm Care and Strengthening program, the sole focus is not getting the boy’s arms strong so that they can throw faster and farther, even though the program does help with that.  Ben really focuses on the recovery aspect of arm care to show the boys how to take care of their arms after they have pitched or have been throwing a lot at practice or in a game.  My son has benefited from this program.  In only two months, my son has increased his fast ball by 3-4 mph.  That is pretty good results for someone who just turned 12.”

“I recommend Playoff Performance for any need for your son or daughter.  Ben has the patience, attention, and knowledge to improve your player.  If you want to see your son or daughter have more fun playing baseball or softball because their confidence is higher from training with Ben, I suggest to sign up for lessons and/or the arm care and strengthening program right away.  Your son or daughter and you will be happy that you did.”