About Us

Our Mission & Vision

Playoff Performance is dedicated to helping athletes develop a proper base mechanics, renovation of current mechanics in all aspects of hitting, fielding, agilities and weighted programs. We understand that all ages of athletes go through different physical and mental changes; we offer the appropriate development program, and or individual lessons to capture the most out of athletes.

Playoff Performance vision is for fans, supporters, athletes and potential athletes to view Playoff Performance as an organization that puts the athletes first while focusing on sportsmanship, education and competition.

Our Philosophy

At Playoff Performance hitting is all about timing and balance. It is very important that a young hitter realize this. He must master the balance part, in order to get his timing down properly. If one is off  even slightly , the other will suffer. Yes, every hitter is different, but all who are successful do a few basic mechanics the same. The number one thing to realize is that hitters must use their hands to hit the baseball.There are many different versions to hitting. We focus on the best version for your young athletes success.

Playoff Performance understands the changes a young athlete goes through with different levels of pitching mentally and physically. We want to keep the mental approach simple and help eliminate the chance for injury. In order to throw a baseball with proper mechanics over time, our athletes must take care of their body. Arm care, arm care, arm care is stressed at Playoff Performance. Mechanically we preach the ability to dial in muscle memory. Control of our body and engaging the lower half correctly will maximize our ability to be a stabilized force on the mound. Mentally we prepare our pitchers with the proper mindset to compete at a high level of competition. With hard work and being a constant student of the game, will help us achieve consistency in our delivery.

Playoff Performance believes defense is important to the success of any team. The ability to field and throw accurately often is the difference in the game. Errors happen to everyone, but a solid defense makes few errors. To become a great defensive player you must possess athletic ability and quickness, AND have a strong work ethic and the desire to continually improve. We understand there are many different styles to getting the job done with the glove. We work to enhance the knowledge of every aspect of fielding including pre pitch routine as well as post pitch fundamentals to put ourselves in the most athletic position possible throughout each play.

Understanding your body growth and adjusting is a important to Playoff Performance and your athletes success. We value the knowledge in what it takes to understand how to improve your core, power and speed.